September means maize | Maize fields

Remember how I told you I loved working this summer while everyone seemed to be on holiday? Well, people are back and it's very busy/. Back to school (or work) means that soon the maize will be harvested. As a teenager I biked past these same kind of maize fields every day to go to school. In September the crops would be high and you would spot many maize ears between the leaves. And then suddenly, after the first few weeks at school, the fields would be empty again. It changed the entire perspective. | Maize fields

Everyone always told me these kernels aren't edible (they are used as fodder) and I always believed it. But I also always have the urge to peel a few ears and eat them… do you know if you can? Are these edible or not? Could I even turn them into popcorn? If so, I'll go back to these fields nearby and pick some for this weekend's movie date 😉 | Maize fields | Maize fields

By the way, did you enter my running giveaway yet? I know many of you are not into running at all, but you can enter and try to win a pair for your partner, friend or a family member. Always a nice surprise… in September!

4 thoughts on “September means maize

  1. Mooie foto's! Voel me opeens weer een jaar of twaalf! Uit ervaring kan ik zeggen dat ze heel vies smaken en dat het niet lukt om er popcorn van te maken ;-)De kippen zijn er wel dol op….

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