Icelandic Coffee

Something I really miss in France are coffeehouses. Of course there is a Starbucks around any corner in Paris (and we do have a unique café & restaurant culture!) but nothing compares to the kaffehus culture in Scandinavia. It's the perfect laid back place to meet up with friends or family to spend time together while tasting pastries & cookies & good coffee. Most coffeehouses are very child friendly too. Recently a new kaffihus slash bookshop called Bokakaffi in Eastern Iceland opened its doors. The branding made me look. According to the owners "it’s like having a coffee at grandpas book room, but with better coffee". For someone who rarely drinks coffee but loves color coordinated collections & books & coziness like me, it sounds like the perfect place.

Another Icelandic gem is Fashion & Product Designer Sruli Recht. His work has this typical super creative & melancholic Icelandic vibe. He is actually recruiting a Junior Design Assistant at the moment. If I would have had any 3D modelling skills I would definitely have applied for this job. Working in Reykjavik for a while sounds tempting.

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