Kico Candy

What's in store today? kids & candy! This summer campaign by Kico Kids is just perfect. Great concept, styling and colour palette. The giant balloon sea creatures are so well done, so much better than a banal dog by any balloon twisting clown. Even better than Jeff Koons if you ask me, but that's a whole different story. Just have a look!

As long as I know I've been intrigued by peppermint candy. A few months ago I saw how it's made for the first time (in Gränna, Sweden). I just cannot help myself but there's something magical about sweets. The team behind Papabubble fully agrees to that. In 2004 they opened their first shop in Barcelona and thanks to all it's loyal customers they opened shops all over the world: spreading the magic of delicious & beautiful handmade sweets. If you too are passionate about candy? Then you can now bring Papabubble to your part of the world by opening a Papabubble Concept store. How cool is that?

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