Ich bin kein Berliner

Berlin is amazing. This city is so very big, streets are wide, it's airy (you can actually breathe here!), has a creative feel and is very green too. The façades of the (huge!) buildings are very flat and most streets have lots of trees. I walked for hours without seeing any tourists. I now understand why Sandra Juto likes 10-hour walks across the city, I really enjoyed it too!

Here a some of the photos I took, more to follow…

Above: you're looking at a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Façade of Espressobar Mörder, Torstrasse 199.

Standing on former East & West Berlin at the same time.

Design Panoptikum, The Museum of Extraordinary Objects. A supercool store & museum with the most curious and extraordinary objects. I was so intrigued by the mystery of the items that when the owner who was sitting in the dark, said "Hallo" I freaked out and ran outside. The museum is on my list for next time!

The Euro-Flohmarkt (flea market), Berliner Straße 80-82.

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