Inside A Cidade da Cultura

After taking you for a drink at A Cantina & showing you the exterior of A Cidade da Cultura, today I'll take you inside the Galician museum. The current exhibition Gallaecia Petrea is about the presence of stone in the history of Galicia, from prehistory to today.

What struck me even more than the exhibition itself, was the organic interior of the building: it's huge! The way of presenting the works of art was splendid too: lots of wooden pallets were used. A beautiful & clever solution as it also smells really nice!

My favorite piece of art:

It's difficult to capture the dimension of the museum on photo ( I tried video! ). For art curators this must be heaven, it's so big, you can show huge master pieces & extensive collections here…

Brrr, this is when we looked down from the 3rd floor. Look at those tiny chairs on the right:

In one word, this site is impressive. Impressive in size, in detail, in finishing touches, in materials used… I warmly recommend you to visit A Cidade da Cultura if you're in the neighborhood ( near Santiago de Compostela, Spain ). In the years to come, the construction of the Cidade will continue in a slow pace because of the crisis. But I know I'll definitely be back once it's finished. And you?

2 thoughts on “Inside A Cidade da Cultura

  1. Wow. Just stunning. I could immediately imagine what all that wood must have smelled like, so it's funny you mentioned it.
    “Oh hi! I'm old” = LOL!

    1. hihi I love making silly jokes ;o) And yes, the wood smell made a lasting impression. The use of scents is one of those things that's often forgotten or underestimated, right?

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