Inside la Sucrerie

Last week I showed you some pictures of the Sugar Factory in Francières. The weather was rather gloomy and like for our first visit, I photographed in black & white. Today I'll take you inside where it's a little bit more colorful (but also colder than outside!).

I really liked the color of the walls in the factory's chapel. It looks rather contemporary, but old pictures of the chapel before the renovation, show exactly the same colored walls! The minty blue ( or how would you call this color? ) goes perfectly well with these tiles:

In the factory's school they used a slightly different shade of minty green/blue. I never knew it used to be such a fashionable color!

In the main factory, which now houses a permanent exhibition on today's agricultural industry in France, the architects cleverly re-used this color:

Minty green/blue, jungle green, toothpaste green, jade, aqua blue… What would you call this color?

20 thoughts on “Inside la Sucrerie

  1. This place is wonderful and the colour is so fresh, it brings Spring just by looking at it. Remember the name “carta da zucchero” ;-) xx

  2. Wow, those vintage tiles look fabulous!!! Love the inspiration that comes from old spaces such as factories. Happy new week!!

    1. Yes!! Or like Ilaria suggested above: “carta da zucchero”: the green color of the blue sugar packaging that faded and became this pale green/blue color! Perfect!

  3. Looks just like “Eau de Nil” that covered every wall of official buildings (schools, courthouses, offices, etc) in the 50's.

  4. What a stunner of a building and brilliantly captured as always!

    Hmmm, acqua? Duck egg blue? It's beautiful.

    Love that they went to such trouble with the outdoor tiles. :)

    1. My first thought when spotting the tiles was: this is soooo “Berlin”! Sandra Juto takes pictures of these kind of tiles in Berliner entry halls all the time! But apparently they liked them here too :o)

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