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Whenever I burn my skin, I break off a leaf of one of my Aloë plants and apply the aloë gel to my skin. It's effective and has an immediate calming effect. Plants and botanical essences have proven their virtues in past centuries and continue to do so today. But ever so often, natural ingredients are replaced by chemical substances with the most complicated (or vague) names. So when looking for natural skincare products, Igor introduced me to Lovely Day Botanicals, a small Berlin-based brand with a very affordable product range of 100% natural products. Their products are produced in small batches from premium botanical oils and essences and fruit acids. They also have the most delicious names, like Mellow Mallow, Mermaid or Coco gloss. Yummmm! | Lovely Day Botanicals

On their website (in German, an English verison is coming soon, just like their first showroom that opens in Berlin in the spring!), Lovely Day writes about their mission to bring a better alternative to conventional products on the market. Did you know that the human body absorbs more than 2kg of cosmetic products in 1 year? Then better make it as healthy as possible!

In their own words:
"Above all, we want to show that words such as "natural", "vegan" or "sustainable" have nothing to do with renunciation at all. We've been working to formulate the textures just as smooth, luxurious and effective as conventional products, and the stylish packaging and high-quality glass bottles are more noble than some high end beauty brands." | Lovely Day Botanicals

As someone who buys products first of all because of the way they look, I couldn't be more pleased with the way the Lovely Day products look in my bathroom. No need to hide them in the drawer! They blend in perfectly well with their minimal white and pink look: | Lovely Day Botanicals

My leafy enamel pins from Handmade Sammade and We are Out of Office. The smallest ones reads: Plant Lady is the new Cat Lady… hihi I'm both 😉 | Lovely Day Botanicals

So about the products themselves. Do I like them? Yes! All the products that I tested are extremely soft and mild on the skin. Which is important when you have a sensitve skin like mine: I'm always hesitant to apply something new because I like to avoid an itchy red skin. However, it took me a few days to get used to the unexpected smells of the products. They're not unpleasant, but just different. After a short while the smells disappears and I ended up with was a very soft skin. Especially after using the soft and creamy hyaluron + BLOOM pink clay mask.

My favorite product is the COCO GLOSS hair serum, made of coconut oil, camelia oil and essential oils. I love the smell, it's fresh a citrus-y and the serum makes the tips of my hair very soft. A few drops are enough to get silky soft hair. Just lovely!

Also, all Lovely Day products are vegan, with perfume or agressive essential oils and were never tested on animals. The glass bottles and jars can easily be recycled. Or you can use them to grow some cuttings *wink wink*. | Lovely Day Botanicals

If you like to try any of these products: they come in convenient 3€ testers that you can order via their webshop (with international delivery). I'm pretty sure you will like them as much as I do. They are just lovely! | Lovely Day Botanicals

Blogpost created in collaboration with Lovely Day. As always all opinions and photos are my own. Merci Lovely Day! 

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