My first giveaway

Today I'm hosting my fist ever giveaway! But, not on my own blog. As you may know, especially if you follow me on instagram, I started running in June… and I became addicted. I discover new things in my neighborhood and I feel so much fitter! Currently I pick blackberries on my runs and enjoy the empty streets during this everyone-in-France-is-on-holiday month. This morning I went for my 42th run and honestly, I never thought I would have liked it so much.

For years I thought I couldn't run, because I never found a good sports bra. I have large breasts due to terrific genes (oh yeah…) and most regular sports bras don't work for me. Until I found this awesome Panache sports bra. I'm so excited about it, that I want to tell every female runner about it. And what better place to do so, than on a blog focused on running, written by young women, called Just Keep Running.
Panache Lingerie liked the idea and generously offered a bra & shorty to give away to one of the readers. The giveaway at Just Keep Running is open to Dutch and Belgian readers only, but you can also purchase Panache sports bras online. More info here.

running snapshots from my instagram

14 thoughts on “My first giveaway

  1. You are such an inspiration to me! I love your attitude when it comes to running. Now, if I could just become addicted to it I would be able to wear so many other things in my closet! I downloaded the app you told me about and I will start it this week. I am glad there is a company out there that makes bras that are good support. We all need a little support now and then! :) xx

    1. Hihi exactly! Hope you'll enjoy running again soon. If you get into the rhythm it feels great, plus you'll get to the check out some new areas of HH ;)

  2. Proud of you Judith. You're my main motivation to run. i've got the bra already but unlike you, I have no breasts to keep in honestly. hahaha.. anyway, keep running!

  3. Oh! I just purchased a bra with your darling-sister yesterday. She turned out to be the perfect helper and advisor. How can I enter the give-away-competition? #fun

  4. Goed bezig…ik ben echt geen hardloper (and believe me I've tried ;-) maar het is wel heerlijk om mooie plekjes te ontdekken die je anders niet zou zien. Keep up the good work!

  5. Oh. I can not participate because I don't have FB anymore :-S
    Judith, check the author-information at the end of the given website. This is not you, is it?!

    1. Oh don't worry about the Fb account, you can participate without it ;) And although I'm the author, I'm not the one mentioned in the author-info. But you know it's me, right? :)

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