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Did you have a nice weekend? Here in the Oise we enjoyed a super sunny Saturday and decided to visit a random place. Along one of the roads leading to our place, is a sign that points to a castle where we had never been. We Google Streetviewed the sign, tried to see what it read (as you can see it's very pixelized), found out and drove to the Château de Raray.

We were in good company, so no matter where we'd end up, we would have a good time. Turned out: the surrounding village was cuter than expected and the very well maintained castle overlooked a huge golf course. Perfect for a nice little walk along the green, where I spotted this cool trash bin.
There were also 40 hunting dog statues, some with quirky tails:

The castle itself is used as a conference center and hotel, there's also a restaurant and sunny terrace, but above all: it's a really nice and quiet place to play golf (which we didn't).
I liked that they used the deer and dogs in the logo too:

It was a very random visit, at less than 25km from our home, that felt like a mini-vacation. Do you ever go on trips like these?

10 thoughts on “Raray Random

    1. Merci Igor! Me too, I love travel reports on blogs. Yours about your summer break in Serbia made me dreamaway as well… glad I'll be traveling again very soon ;)

  1. Beautiful photographs, Judith! I agree with Igor, I love to see where people travel to and what it looks like through their eyes. Thank you for sharing. By the way, that deer! SO CUTE! :) J xx

    1. Merci Jocelyn! Isn't it incredible how one place can look completely different through someone else's eyes? Hihi, you spotted the deer :)

    1. Yayy for unplanned trips! The castle or Raray is owned by the family of the Lord of Raray, the first owner. So no royalness involved, but some nice details from the 16th century are still there :)

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