My honeydew

Remember I had big plans, like growing watermelons and honeydews to make ice cream this summer? Well, the plan was nice, but the heatwave and hail storms didn't do any good to my little garden. The only plant in full force is the honeydew plant. It's huge! I grew it in our greenhouse in the same pot as a little palm tree I'm growing. Currently it features cute yellow flowers, so I'm hopeful (or naive?) there will be melons at the end of the summer:

Suspended staircase and honeydew plant

Are you harvesting anything this month?

32 thoughts on “My honeydew

  1. Oh my god you have beautiful place there, the green house! I'm sooo jealous! Definitely it will produce you a beautiful melon, I'm sure! I want to see more pics of your green house gardening!!! And your home looks very interesting.

    1. Merci Kreetta! I hope you are right and that I'll end up with a beautiful melon. First some pollination to do ;) Will show you more of my green projects soon!

  2. That plant looks great in the room!
    I'm a horrible gardener but this month we can actually harvest some tomatoes from our balcony. To our surprise they turned out to be yellow instead of red!

    1. Oh nice, extra special tomatoes! Did they taste good? I have a few tomato plants in my tiny garden, but unfortunately they don't carry any fruit :(

  3. Wow! Huge indeed. And it looks beautiful!! I'm afraid “hoping” won't be enough: you have to pollinate the female flowers (if there are any in the first place. A friend of mine was planning on growing zucchini, but all her plants turned out to be male! I hope that there are on a melon plant at least male AND female flowers!)
    By the way: I'm harvesting herbs from my balcony every day! My radish-experiment failed, bigtime :(
    Also i'm harvesting “in the wild”: check this dutch FBgroup about edible plants

    1. Oh yes, I'm pollinating like crazy ;) Harvesting in the wild is very nice as well: at the moment I pick lots of blackberries, but that Fb group is just a little bit more advanced (more knowledge), cool! This fall I'd like to go on a mushroom trip with someone who knows which ones are edible and which ones are not. Why did your radish experiment fail?

      1. The radishes failed because i didn't know whether to water them much or just a little. Before i knew it, the little green fellas didn't survive. The plants just dried and shrinked, but the earth in the pot was still pretty moist. So…? Do they need dry earth? I really should look that up, before next year!

        1. Hmmm I just freestyle with all my gardening, but from my experience radishes need lush soil and medium water (not too much, not too little). Hope next year will be better!

  4. I love honeydew and I love this post! The photo of the vine and the staircase is amazing! Cannot wait to follow this plants life in your garden/greenhouse! Jocelyn xx

    1. Merci Jocelyn! I hope I can share some nice pictures of fresh homegrown honeydew melons with you very soon. If not, I guess there will be some very fall-like pictures with the brown leafs of a dying plant ;)

  5. Looks amazing! I'm going to cross my fingers for you!! And the only thing I'm harvesting is hope. Hope for better weather, and sunny skies all throughout august ;)

    1. Hahaha, for now your harvest seems rather fruitful: the weather hasn't been too bad (at least here in France), but let's hope for even better weather next weekend ;) xx

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