My least favorite chore | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

What is your least favorite chore at home? Doing the dishes? Laundry? Windowcleaning? Dusting? Mine has been vacuum cleaning, since like forever! The noise, the machine that gets stuck behind furniture, the electric cord that is never long enough, and again: the noise! Together with the fact that it seems like it is a never ending thing: once you’re done you can start again. Especially with 3 cats, white floors and 500m2 floor surface. Ughhhh. I like vacuum cleaning that much (not) that my family even gifted me a Dyson vacuum cleaner years ago. I admit that Robert used it most of the time 😉 | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

When Dyson launched their first cordless stick vacuums a few years ago I was intrigued: they looked more like a dustbuster that you can use whenever you like. But I was wondering if 20-30 minutes of runtime were enough for our oversized home. Most probably not… Until they recently introduced the brand new Dyson V11 Absolute, together with 2 other new Dyson inventions (the Lightcycle lamps and the new Pure Cool airpurifier). The battery was said to have a run time of 60 minutes, and the time left would be visible on the screen, so no surprises when vacuuming. Sixty minutes sounds good, but when testdriving the V11 at a recent press event I noticed there was more than 70 minutes on the display: wow! And not only the extended runtime and lack of electric cord convinced me: the vacuum is so easy to manipulate. No need to push it, or use both hands: you can just steer it in the right direction. And while doing so, it also recognizes the type of surface, like hard floors or carpet, and automatically adapts the suction power. Impressive! | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

The LCD display of the Dyson V11 shows the 3 different modes: Eco, Auto and Boost for extra power as well as the remaining runtime. And when you suck up a lost sock for example, it will give a “blockage report”. It also warns you when you need to clean the filter. Another thing I like: no need to buy new filters, you can wash it yourself following the instructions on the screen! The filter cleans 99,97% of particules as small as 0.3 microns and should be cleaned monthly, which only requires washing it with water and leaving it to dry for 24 hours. Easy peasy!

To test the Dyson V11 at home, I made some botanical confetti instead of throwing some oatmeal or pasta on the floor 😉 I used some some leaves from the Cherry Laurel shrubs in the garden: | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

Zoom zoom, here comes the Dyson V11: | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11 | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

All done! See: one hand only 😉 | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

The Dyson V11 Absolute comes with two different floor heads: the high-torque floor head (that has a computer inside!) and the soft roller that is gentle on hard floors and tough on dirt ^^. There is also a variety of small brushes and even a mini motorized tool that is perfect for cleaning our sofa. | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

Of course I tested all of them and my favorite are the motorised tool (top right) to clean furniture and the second brush on the left to clean the floor plinths. Overall I am excited about the new Dyson V11: it leaves the floor cleaner than our previous Dyson vacuum: it looks like it also really dusts the floor and not just sucks the main dirt, which is extra practical with white floors. Two thumbs up! | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

Yes, I agree the Dyson V11 absolute is not an inexpensive device, but I believe it is worth its price. It truly changed the chore I dreaded most into something more enjoyable and most of all: much faster and more efficient. I just take it out of the wall fixture and use it “in between” other activities. No more need to take out the heavy vacuum, plug it in, replug it, push it around. Sound-wise it is also much better: even in Boost mode it is only 78dB. I think our future cats will be happy too, as it is much less scary than a common vacuum cleaner 😉 | Dyson V11 absolute PRO vacuum cleaner #dyson #dysonV11

This blogpost was made in collaboration with Dyson. As always, all photos, opinions and words are completely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep going! And merci Dyson for your confidence and cool products.

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