My little Kickboy project | Kickboy waste bin painted in turquoise

Finally I can share the result of my little painting adventure with you! Well it's a very small project, painting a Kickboy waste bin, but with 7 layers it took a while. First I applied two layers of primer, followed by the fun part: painting in color. The Eau de Nil or turquoise paint looked great in the can, but I absolutely hated the outcome: so green & flashy! And don't get me wrong: I love bright and bold colors, but this looked so wrong. | Before & after Wesco Kickboy waste bin turquoise iceblue mint

I decided to mix my own color but something went wrong with the paint (never mix acrylic & water based paints 😉 ) so layer n°5 became all lumpy. In the end I used a white base coat and added some of the original turquoise paint. Our 15-year-old Wesco waste bin is now ice blue. A little bit pastel, but I think I like it! | Wesco Kickboy waste bin in ice blue | Our kitchen

And if you were curious: the rock 'n rucola is growing pretty well: | Our kitchen with cactus plant

The pink glow comes from a bunch of tea towels (by Hay, Textiellab and Hema): | Our kitchen with Hay Textiellab and Hema teatowels | Our kitchen with Hay Textiellab and Hema teatowels

My favorite cactus plant needed a bigger planter, so I also painted two terracotta pots: | Cactus plant and oranges in our kitchen

My husband, who's the chef in our home which means the kitchen is his domain, doesn't really "get" this new color, even though it's not even orange 😉 So if he can't get used to it, I will add an 8th layer of paint. Easy peasy! | Turquoise painted terracotta pots planters

I wish you all a wonderful & sunny weekend! Can you believe it will be 20°C here in France tomorrow?

12 thoughts on “My little Kickboy project

  1. Oh I love it, Judith! Whenever I see projects like this one, I remind myself of some little painting projects I wanted to do myself – but in my 32m2 apartment it is a bit of a challenge. But I still want to do it – however, I will wait a bit as I think it might go into a future UJB post:-) Happy weekend my friend!

    1. Thanks a bunch, UJB buddy! Such a challenge to paint in a small apartment, but with odor free it's a possibility though… And I think you'll do it anyway ;) Looking forward to seeing it in a future post. Happy week to you, Igor!

  2. Love it, I love it! :) The ice blue is fantastic on the waste bin and pots. And the light you get in the kitchen from the outside is wonderful. I like a lot small details like the hangers and colorful towels and shopping bag on the wall. Your work always puts a smile on my face. Enjoy the warm and sunny Paris weekend for me too! Kisses, Nathalie

    1. Ohhh your comment makes me so happy Natalija! We're really lucky to have so much sun at the moment, also in our kitchen ;) Sending lots of sunshine to Zaghreb and hope you're doing well! bisous!

  3. Oh wow! I love it, Judith! The light in your kitchen is so soft and bright at the same time. I love the cactus by the way, he/she looks incredibly happy! Glad to hear the rucola is rockin'! Big hugs for a sunny and fun weekend! Jx

    1. Thanks a lot, Jocelyn! The cactus is very happy in our kitchen, it's his favorite place where he grew very fast (because of the abundant sun I suppose ;) ). Hope you had a great weekend too! xx

  4. O wat herkenbaar…denk je even een klein leuk klusje te doen…maar het eindresultaat mag er wezen! Gave kleur en wat een heerlijk lichte keuken heb je!

    1. Dankjewel Lonneke! Ik moest wel aan je bubblemint kleur denken hoor, alleen viel 't 'n beetje anders uit. Onze keuken is inderdaad erg licht en in de zomer een echte broeikas, maar de cactus vindt het er prima ;)

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