Not a fan fan

The title says it all: I'm not particularly fond of electric fans. But as we are in the middle of a heatwave here in France, we need them. Our home has no windows, only 2 doors and the outer walls are made of glass, so we almost live in some sort of greenhouse. We try to stay cool with fans but at the end of the day (or after 1 hour) I'm just so fed up with the noise of the electric fans. Ugh.

But on the other hand: I love eating popsicles and be fan-less outside. I wish you a very cool weekend!

Artwork "Beyond the Fans" by Zilvinas Kempinas: 2 perfectly positioned electric fans keep loops of magnetic tape in the air. Dynamo Exhibition, Grand Palais, Paris.

8 thoughts on “Not a fan fan

  1. Cool – the gif as fab. I also go slightly nuts having to listen to the constant whirr of a fan, luckily it is not that hot here, so we manage:-) happy weekend Judith,

    1. Gaaf dat je Double O al 'ns zag! Het zou fijn zijn als ze 'ns geruisloze fans uit zouden vinden. Zelfs onze bladeless Dyson maakt enorm veel herrie ;)

  2. Loving the gif…brilliant!

    No windows? I suffer from the opposite malaise. It's like a hothouse but somehow I have not used a fan this year. When I need cooling I go on the terrace or for a little trip on the Vespa;-)
    Happy Sunday Judith x

    1. Thanks Tina! Is your home hot because of the flat roof? I'm glad cooler days are upon us, even though I love all the sunshine. Hope you're having a good week so far!

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