Oh Amsterdam

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam Amstel hotel

This weekend I was in Amsterdam to attend a friend's wedding. And while I hoped I could squeeze in a little time off in the city, I was too busy to help with the 9 layers weddingcake my sister created for the happy couple. Which was fun though!

Somehow I never fell in love with Amsterdam. Well over a decade ago, before moving to France, I even worked here, but I think I need more time to go beyond the clichés of agressive cyclists:

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam loves cyclists

the beautiful canals:

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam gable galore:

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam gable galore

and the Amstel:

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam Amstel Weesperzijde

JOELIX.com | Amsterdam Amstel Weesperzijde

So I made plans to come back very soon! Of course I'll include some libary love (at the Public Libary), water love (at Stella Maria Maris, a new water & care brand) and meet up with friends for real friendship love 😉
What about you? Do you like Amsterdam? Any suggestions of places to visit that could make me change my mind?

12 thoughts on “Oh Amsterdam

  1. Really Judith? Instead I am in love with it even though I never lived there and don't know it so well. It was just love at first sight, so to speak.
    Loved the last time I was there with a friend, we spent a weekend in the jordaan area. I thought it was great just to stroll around, drinking or having simple dinners along the water, in and out tiny shops and galleries. One of my dreams is to live there one day. Who knows?

    1. Oh wow, you should do it and move there, Stefania! Even if it's just for a year or so! I think I just need to go back and stay a little bit longer to really enjoy all the perks of the Dutch capital.

  2. I had no idea you were not fond of this city.
    Let me know if I can help to change your mind, it would be funny a Colombian showing a Dutch around. Who knows maybe I can convince you that there are plenty of nice things here :)

    1. Hahahah that would be hilarious, but so much fun! I think there are lots of nice things to discover in Amsterdam, but somehow it never really “clicked”. Time to change that, right? Will let you know when I'll be there, soon I hope!

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