On a quest for peas

JOELIX.com | Sunday walks are the best

I wouldn't suggest it's the secret to a happy marriage, but our Sunday walks are pretty good. Robert and I tend to walk somewhere between 12 to 17 kms and bring water and snacks. Usually I whip up some sugar-free cookies or little cakes and we always bring some fruit too. Although it's so much better to pick them straight from the trees, like these delicious plums:

JOELIX.com | yellow and red plums

A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend in a chambre d'hôte at 10 minutes from our home, where we tested a new sports program (including balance ball yoga which was a lot of fun!) and where I received a blissful massage. In stead of having a siesta afterwards (I felt SO relaxed!), we went for a randonnée in the fields and forests and I picked some of the most delicious things I've ever tasted: these fresh green peas. Ever since, I've been wanting to go back for more. But unfortunately it was mostly cereals and corn this time:

JOELIX.com | French cereal fields

I'm totally guilty of digging up plants along the side of the road to see what it is. Which was relatively easy because the soil was soaked by the rain:

JOELIX.com | Digging up some roots

Not sure if it was because of le 14 Juillet, but I loved these colorful buntings:

JOELIX.com | Happy buntings in the French countryside

I've never seen any fresh peas at our grocery store or even at our market. Makes me wish we had a Farmer's market around here: the only local fruit comes from the Strawberry Man… I hope the peas I potted will sprout somehow. If not, my goal for 2015 will be to grow my own peas!

A few pictures from previous walks: here, here and here.

9 thoughts on “On a quest for peas

  1. Oh you make me want to walk and walk! Especially in the French countryside with all of those treasures to discover. So what was that vegetable? A sweet potato? Mel xx

    1. Hahaha actually I have no idea! I think it's some kind of root or turnip or something.
      I suppose there are some pretty good walks around your area too. Different, but good! Happy walking, Mel!

  2. Sunday walks just the two of us are an important ingredient of our marriage too! We usually go in the forest and recently, a large owl has been visiting us on our walks which is quite amazing in broad daylight! xo Karen

    1. Oh wow, that's wonderful! I always wish for a wild animal to visit us on our walks, but so far it's only been bunnies, ants and slugs ;) Wish you many more happy walks together, Karen!

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