The Ivory Fourteen | South of France wedding in black & white

It appears that it's called Ivory when you celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary. White and tough, well I'm not sure if it was a white year for us (whatever that means), but the twelve months leading up to today were pretty tough. And happy too! I'm beyond proud of my dear husband and can't wait to see what Crystal (15 years) will bring us. It sounds more exciting and glistering than ivory, right?! | South of France wedding in black & white

As I was flipping through the photo album I realized that I really like that we don't have tons of pictures of our wedding. My father has been a wedding photographer more than once, but I wanted him to be my dad, not our photographer. Of course he took a few pictures (and I'm glad he did!): all analog pictures including the one above.
We did record the sound of the civil ceremony with a tape recorder though. That's maybe why my husband holds the power cord on the picture above? Or maybe because he really wanted to tie the knot? (sorry, silly joke hihi). I think we should listen to that tape today to hear what we actually said oui to 😉

More pictures of our wedding
The story of how we met
My wedding day tradition of wearing white

Have a lovely Tuesday!

18 thoughts on “The Ivory Fourteen

  1. Happy anniversary, Judith and Robert! The power cord is so random and funny, but I can relate… I don't think I was even holding up my bouquet when I walked down the aisle. Guess we were too blissful to notice then, no? Here's to another 14 (and more) years together!

    1. Thanks Deepa! Definitely too blissful ;) I remember I felt so special, really like a “bride”. So who cares about the details, we were young & happy… and like to believe we still are hahaha!

  2. Felicitations! That means we had our Ivory anniversary a few days ago as well. Funny to think we got married days apart in the year 2000. Here's to a year full of love and good health! Jill xo

    1. Thanks Jill! Congrats to you & Tom on your 14th as well! Such a great year & month to get married right?! Lots of love, good health and happiness for the upcoming crystal year. Let's make it shine ;)

  3. All the best wishes!!
    Ivory is one of the strangest from the list. Ours was in January and when I looked what it was, I told Juan; “guess there is not much we can do about this one, except for an ivory color t-shirt, and no one really wants a t-shirt that color.”
    Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary Judith! My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year later this month. I'm sorry to hear that the 12 months leading up to this was tough, all the more reason to celebrate right? xD

    1. Thanks Doris! I hope you'll have a wonderful 10th celebration too! We were lucky that it hasn't been tough “between” us, but we had to deal with some tough health issues. But things are much better now and like you said, all the more reasons to celebrate! Which we did, obviously ;)

    1. Thanks Gudy! You're right, time flies by, which is another reason to celebrate and live today in stead of tomorrow ;) Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

  5. Awww, I forget what a romantic soul you are. And how lovely too:-) You know I've been researching Anniversaries for a project so came across all these names for it…. Ivory is interesting.

    The very best of wishes for you guys and here's to many more anniversaries. Hugs Tina xx

    1. Thanks Tina! I bet you found the weirdest names for all these different anniversaries. The nicest ones are already behind us, like cotton, paper and silk. Although feathers (18) & shells (17) are pretty nice too :) Hope you'll have a lovely week!

  6. Happy anniversary to you both! I don't know why the past year was tough but I hope that it's all out of the way and wonderful things come your way. I think we're a little like you and didn't have a photographer at our wedding, I actually don't have any “printed” photos, only negatives so you reminded me that I should go ahead and print some. Here's to lifelong happiness together to you both. Mel xx

    1. Thanks Mel! This past year we had to deal with some tough health issues, but things are better now and we celebrated accordingly ;) Oh and you should definitely print a few pictures from your wedding, so nice to flip through them with the kids and there are so many easy options these days for printing ;)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both! When I think of Ivory I get a sense of purity and innocence which has always been my perception of you. Your heart is so big and capable of so much love….Robert must be the same as you both compliment one another so well. Much love to you! xx

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! That's the sweetest thing to say! I feel so blessed to have such a sweet caring husband who makes me laugh all the time. I think we're a good match ;) Hope you're having a nice (not too hot…) week with the boys and that the little one is growing well! bisous!

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