Tea from a doctor

While I'm enjoying an early morning coffee* at Creative Mornings Paris ( a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types ), I'd like to show you this herbal tea I got from Giova. She told me she primarily bought these teas because she loved the packaging so much. I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging too.

But not only the packaging (with funny illustrations!) is nice, Dr Stuart's tea itself tasted pretty good too: ginger & lemongrass. Hmmm ginger! Do you like that as much as I do?

*no no no, I never drink coffee in the morning, I'm probably drinking water right now ;o)

15 thoughts on “Tea from a doctor

  1. I'm not a big fan of tea generally (or just too addicted to coffee) but I love ginger – so I'd make an exception here! I hope you enjoyed your coffee morning minus the coffee ;)

  2. Ja ik val ook als een blok voor mooie verpakkingen (koop het zelfs als ik de inhoud helemaal niet nodig heb of lekker vind) haha. En deze thee is prachtig en klinkt heerlijk! Fijn weekend! Oja, ga jij trouwens van vrij t/m ma naar the Hive?

    1. Haha did you need a liver detox? What did you do? Party hardy? :P The ginger & lemongrass was really pretty nice! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ik koop ook thee voor de verpakking.. En soms is het best lekker. ;)

    Die onderzetters zijn gaaf zeg, waar heb je die vandaan? (Of is dat bij de creative mornings?)

    1. Die onderzetters zijn in opdracht gemaakt door mijn vader. Mooi zijn ze he! En ze maken een heel mooi houten geluid als je ze tegen elkaar aan klopt :o)

  4. You are funny. Dr. Stewart's packaging is not that great:-)
    Look at Pukka, if you want to see nice teabags packaging..

    I don't drink coffee or tea. I'm a hot water with fresh lemon and ginger or fresh mint with hot water girl.

    Apart from that I like Camomile, Fennel, Nettle and Japanese and Green Teas.
    The important part is that it's PURE and not mixed!

    BTW, Dr. Stewart's Fennel is the best!!!!

    1. Hahahaha you're funny too ;o) Actually there was some Pukka tea in Giova's package as well: will try it soon! Kusmi tea and Mariage Frères are really big here in France and both have pretty packaging. But Dr Stuart's illustrations are so cute :o) Anyway, glad you share my love for ginger!

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