Paper snowflakes | Paper snowflakes

It's one of these unwritten Dutch traditions to decorate your home for Christmas only after the Saint Nicholas celebrations. But my hands were itching last week (due to #UJBXMAS of course!) and I took out the lights, balls and Lego Advent calendar. And I kept my hands busy by cutting a few paper snowflakes and taping them to our yellow lampion lights. | Paper snowflakes

After flowering my Clivia showed two big seed pods. I still have to check how to prepare them and grow new Clivia plants. Wouldn't it be nice to have new babies from a plant that is in my family for over 50 years? | Paper snowflakes | Paper snowflakes

I get a lot of questions about our yellow lampion lights, they are vintage Ilka Plast lamps and you can find them on eBay or Etsy sometimes. Every now and then I get completely bored with the lampions (when I see lamps like this!). It also happened a few weeks ago when one of the light bulbs died. I changed it for a new LED light and it was so much brighter that I decided to replace the other two bulbs too. It completely changed their color and I'm back in love 😉 | Paper snowflakes

And of course Wally checked out the snowflakes too, but he was more intrigued by the candlelight. No snowflakes missing… so far! | Paper snowflakes | Paper snowflakes

Up next is our wooden xmas tree and maybe I'll hang some light strings in the tree outside as well. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! | Paper snowflakes | Paper snowflakes

Did you start decorating your home yet? With a Christmas tree? Some plants or pine branches? A wreath? I want to see it! Tag your green festive instagram pictures with #UJBXMAS and #urbanjunglebloggers. Next Monday Igor and I will choose another winner that will be featured on our blog!

14 thoughts on “Paper snowflakes

      1. …I would have loved to make a pic of my DIY snowflakes on our window but unfortunately we have constructions and scaffolds all over our house/ inner courtyard at the moments, very annoying… maybe I can take an iPhone pic and load it to Instagram :-) have a wonderful week!

  1. So pretty Judith! We put up the tree tomorrow yay! It's such a lovely and simple idea that you've done that I wonder if I'll do a few with the kids.. xx M

    1. Oh please do, it's such a relaxed thing to do, just a little bit of paper, tape and thread and a pair of scissors. I believe kids make the very best paper cuttings! Hope you enjoyed putting up your tree! xx

  2. The last pics looks so cosy with the sunset, it's a very nice and stylish idea! I just got to Germany and will start decorating a bit now, not too much this year, I am like in between two 'worlds' this time and not spending a lot of time in one or the other place. But anything is welcome and I bought yesterday my first amaryllis:-) Yay! Have a lovely pre-Christmas season, Judith! x

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