Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

Usually I'm more into very contemporary places, but when it's done as well as at Pärlans, I'm more than happy to make an exception. Even more so if it comes with toffee caramels, sweet music and a fashionable staff. Pärlans is a cute little shop in Söder, Stockholm, where they make and sell delicious caramels. And serve great coffee too.

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

One of the things I realized when visiting several smaller craft shops in Stockholm, is that Swedes really like translating old fashioned traditions into 2013. Lisa, Pärlans' owner, told me she was inspired on a trip to Japan. The Japanese love candy. Back in Sweden she started trying different recipes and her friends really enjoyed the caramels she made.

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

She did some research and found out the caramel toffee rose to fame in the 1930s, the decade of the Lindy Hop dance. As a fervent Lindy Hop dancer, Lisa decided to open a caramel store and asked her swing dancer friends to help her make and sell the sweet candy. It became a huge success. Once I tasted a kola with ginger, I got it: these caramels are divine! Hmmm

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

Besides a very cute blog, Pärlans also published a beautiful book with stories and delicious recipes:

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

Through the window you can see how the caramel toffees are made & wrapped. It reminded me of Gränna in Sweden, where the famous Swedish peppermint candy comes from.

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

Oh and you should absolutely take a look at this lovely video by Ignant Travel. It's so sweet:

JOELIX.com | Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm /// Nytorgsgatan 38 /// 116 40 Stockholm /// +46 (0) 86607010
Open monday through friday 11AM – 6PM, saturday 11AM – 5PM, sunday 12PM – 4PM

22 thoughts on “Pärlans Konfektyr Stockholm

    1. When I visited Pärlans, there was this old man passing by to buy caramels. I love thinking that he visited the shop because the girls (and interior) remembered him of his first love…

  1. Hello, found my way here via the Valentines thread in The Hive FB group. I've never been to Stockholm before, but if I ever go I will definitely check out this place, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes, Jenni

    1. Hi Jenni! I think we've met briefly last year at The Hive and will meet again this year! In case you're visiting Stockholm you should definitely check out Pärlans, it's such a lovely place! Have a nice day!

    1. Echt een heerlijk plekje! Zelfs als je niet van caramels houdt is het er fijn mensen kijken en ook leuk om te zien hoe de caramels gemaakt en ingepakt worden :o)

  2. What a gem of a place, thanks for sharing. Love stockholm so much, I must admit 4 days in Stockholm when attending meet the blogger was not enough to explore this lovely city. Will definitely be back there soon. See you at the Hive :) x

    1. Thanks Geraldine! Me too, I really love Stockholm and absolutely want go back to see so much more (like Fotografiska etc.). Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

  3. You were totally right, this really is an adorable place! The perfect place to go and eat some sweets on valentine's day!

  4. I am happy to read about your visit to Parlans….I interviewed them last week and I am including them in an artisanal candy feature in the next Countlan issue! Love the video. Great minds think a like! :)

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