Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Paris isn't nearly as colorful as Berlin or London, but we do have our own Notting Hill-like street! La Rue Crémieux is one of the most Instagrammed streets in Paris and it was fun to see it in person in stead of on millions of Instagram shots. It's actually a very very regular and small street near Bastille. But with lots of potted plants and flowers, color and quirky details. Have a look: | Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

As you can see, la Rue Crémieux was empty when I visited, but I've been told it's usually the place to be for fashionbloggers and selfie-stick tourists… There's also a small hostel-like hotel on Number Fifteen, called L'Hôtel Particulier, with double rooms starting at 80€. | Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Painted wisteria vines on the pistachio green house: | Rue Crémieux in Paris

If you would ignore the typical Parisian terracotta chimney pots, this could be Portobello Road in London: | Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Yummy Indian cress flowers: | Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

It wasn't 5:43, but never mind, it's a cute detail of the Rue Crémieux: | Rue Crémieux in Paris | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Plants on Pink: | Rue Crémieux in Paris

And some more neutral hues, like pale green and white at Number Twelve: | Rue Crémieux in Paris

And a hunting cat at Number Twenty-Eight: | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Would you choose the yellow, pink, blue or this peachy blush house as your home? | Rue Crémieux in Paris

Rue Crémieux /// 75012 Paris /// metro Quai de la Rapée or Bastille or Gare de Lyon
Click here for the exact location on Google Maps

6 thoughts on “Rue Crémieux in Paris

  1. Well.
    I am pretty annoyed now. My so called Paris guide did not include this sight.
    *missed photo opportunity*
    Thank you for sharing this magnificent gem of a street! Great photos on what seemed like a great day!

  2. Such a beautiful street! I wonder if the residents got together and agreed to paint their houses like that or it just happened one after the other? Lovely photos Judith. I hope that you're enjoying summer. xx M

    1. I asked myself the same question, Mel! There was not a single person around when I visited and I couldn't find any history about it online… I like to think that it grew organically and that they inspired each other. Thank you Mel! xx

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