Sistermail 2

My sister decided to start sending me more snail mail. She told me I should write about it on my blog. So I will! Always listen to your little sister!

For Sistermail 2 I received a transparent envelope with puffy red hearts inside. And a freecard by Søstrene Grene, a famous Scandinavian chain store where they sell lots of "stuff". They have this thing called Sisterday, when you can apologize to your sister for things you did to her that you now regret. Well we don't really have regrets (do we, Djeenie?), but she "apologized" for the few missing hearts in the envelope. <3

In other good sister-news, my talented bakerella sister (remember her kanelbullar?) finally decided to share her recipes and food ideas online! She will be hosting dinner parties this summer and has lots of other delicious plans. You can check out her recipe for the best brownies in the world and more, right here or follow Chez Djeenie on twitter or facebook. If you don't speak Dutch, try using google translate. Bon appétit!

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