Sla Amsterdam salad bar | Sla Amsterdam salad bar

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I was in Amsterdam the other day. I met up with my blog pals Deepa and Giova for coffee and pancakes and a stroll around de Pijp. They know me well and took me to Sla, because it's a true Urban Jungle Bloggers hotspot. Ever since I saw pictures on blogs and Instagram of this small chain of salad bars, I loved their look. Delicious veggies and lots green plants hanging around. | Sla Amsterdam salad bar

But when we had a closer look we realized the "famous" hanging plants in the baskets are artificial plants! Wow! I thought this was very surprising, especially since the salad bar was drenched in sunlight. I'm sure real plants, like a string of pearls or some ivy would survive here with a little bit of love and attention. Anyway, I'm happy to tell that most of the other plants were real. In the end, Sla looks stunning and you can't go wrong with a delicious salad with lots of veggies and healthy ingredients. I wish more restaurants would work with vegetables, like Ottolenghi who made veggies sexy again 😉 | Sla Amsterdam salad bar

Sla also carries a nice selection of healthy cooking books, like The Green Kitchen, and the lovely Bag to Nature herbs: | Sla Amsterdam salad bar

We already had lunch, so we didn't get ourselves something to eat here, but the food looked really good. I'll keep it in mind for my next trip to Amsterdam. | Sla Amsterdam salad bar | Sla Amsterdam salad bar

After this tiny plant disillusion, Deepa & Giova took me to Circle of Trust, a new concept store just around the corner from Sla. And they got it: real cacti and succulents everywhere (and not just on their wall!)! | Circle of Trust concept store Amsterdam with succulents

Do you have any other green recommendations in Amsterdam? And did you ever have lunch at any of the five Sla restaurants?

17 thoughts on “Sla Amsterdam salad bar

  1. On a totally un-Urban Jungle Bloggers note, I'm delighted to see you also got a picture of the hot guy having lunch at the window. Oops did I just say that? Hahaha!

    It was so much fun spending time with you two. Next time I'll find you some real plants, I promise! xx

  2. We walked by a few Sla's traveling with Anne and Ashley over the last few days, but never happened by one around a meal time. Next time, for sure! Beautiful photos, as always!

    1. Thank you Emily! I loved following you 3 through Amsterdam via Instagram! Looked like you had a wonderful trip (and great weather too!). Sla is just another reason to go back to Amsterdam sometime soon, right? ;)

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