Urban Jungles terrarium + giveaway!

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

It's not every day that you stumble upon a product with your own name. But it happened when Igor and I discovered these glass terrariums from Holland called Urban Jungles. Lucky us, they are pretty and the perfect gift for any Urban Jungle Blogger 😉

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

Urban Jungles are glass terrariums made from glass & solder. When Victor, the inventor of UJ, finished renovating his home, he decided to get rid of all superfluous accessories and only keep his most precious belongings. Not a big jungle with dozens of plants, but one beautiful cactus in the spotlight. And behind glass! That's when the idea for these glass terrariums was born: five geometric designs, that enhance the organic shape of any small plant, gem, sculpture or toy. The styling possibilities are endless!

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

My first idea was to place a cactus inside my Chowpak terrarium. But I had a look around in my jungle and all my plants were too wide or too tall. The only one that fit in was this small succulent. It kept me company on my north-facing desk all winter and exploded to reach for extra sunlight. He is tall and handsome now, can you believe only 5 months ago he looked like this?!

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

Of course I couldn't resist playing around with my Urban Jungles terrarium for a bit:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

Urban Jungles come in 5 different models, mine is called Chewpak, Igor chose Johnnson and there are also Charivati, McLansey and BarunBaru. Each piece comes with its own bag of little rocks and is beautifully wrapped. By the way, the terraria don't like water, so if you want to use it for plants, prefer cacti or Tillandsia (airplants) and water sparsely.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungles glass terrarium + giveaway

To win one Urban Jungles terrarium:

Leave a comment below with the name of the jungle you would like to win.
Not mandatory, but it would be nice if you'd follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin
Visit Happy Interior Blog for an extra chance to win: Igor is giving away a second Urban Jungle!

On February 16th I'll announce the winner. This giveaway is open worldwide. (Green) fingers crossed!

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are… here!

137 thoughts on “Urban Jungles terrarium + giveaway!

  1. great giveaway – thanks!
    I love those terrariums and I think that the McLansey would fit perfectly in my room.
    Lots of love, Lisa

  2. They are so beautiful! Would love to get one for my Mom whom is really into this kind of stuff. I love the Johnnson model.
    Thanks for the chance and keep up the great work!

  3. The moment I read your and Igor's posts, I knew I had to enter this giveaway! These are so stunning and unusual. I love the Johnnson model!

  4. Oh this is great! I've seen a similar product before, and even tried to make one myself with plexiglass. To no avail.

    So yes, I'd certainly like to wine one! It's really hard to pick one, but the Chowpak intrigues me most.

  5. Hahaha you made me follow you like CRAZY everywhere ;) Felt a bit stalkery but this beautiful terrarium is worth it!
    And I would love to win the Garivati, but also the Johnnson or Chowpak would be perfect, I'm not that difficult ;)

  6. Sigh. And another big sigh. I loooove these terrariums! The Chowpak and Johnson are my favorites. Actually, I love them all, but that's not really a legitimate answer, right? ;) So, Chowpak. Yes. Definitely. Fingers tightly crossed! (oh and I was already following you everywhere, ha)

  7. WoW, I really love them, and especially Chowpack,
    and I already know what plant to put there, haha!
    Also Im going to follow on instagram!
    Fingers crossed/ Marie

  8. I love love love the barunbanu. Its super cute but tough at the same time? If that makes sense. Im following you on instagram now!

  9. I am so pleased to see that you have the Chowpak, my favourite! I think it looks more sculptural than the others, and I would love to see it with one of my plants in it! (Or a custom plant, so to speak, acquired just for the Chowpak)

  10. Mein Favorit ist Johnnson! Ideal, denn so kann ich meine Pflanzen trotz Katzen auf dem Tisch stehen lassen!

    My favorit is Johnnson. Would be perfect for me, so I could have my favorite plants in the missle of the table and don't care about my cats. They love plants as much as I do! 😉

  11. hi judith,
    they are all so beautiful – my favorite is johnnson!
    what a pity that my birthday is just at christmas – i have to find another reason to offer one to me!
    maike karen

  12. Hello, I would love the McLansey to bring a little bit of plant life into my life! And failing that, I could always play Where's Wally with my children :)

  13. Oh, such beautiful craftsmanship. Right now I am downsizing from a three bedroom house with garden to a one bedroom apartment with balcony and searching for beautiful ways to keep plants inside. The Chowpak looks so lovely in your home and would be a wonderful addition to my writing desk.

  14. Schattig! <3 Dankjewel, dat je dit mogelijk maakt! Ik zou heel graag “Johnnson” bij het raam kunnen plaatsen.

    Groetjes uit Duitsland,

  15. I would love to own the Johnnson terrarium! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  16. Almost impossible to select a favourite model, they are so beautiful and would make a wonderful home for my mini succulent and airplant collection! I'd love the Chowpak the most though :) Love from Berlin!

  17. I really would love to win one of those! I ALWAYS WANTED ONE! and was looking for it for a long time.. now I know where to buy, but winning will make me extra happy! So Please!!!!! Give it to me! I love
    Chowpak and would make him feel home in my office! (liked your Insta and Twitter)
    Hope I will win *hope*hope*hope*

  18. I love the look of the McLansey terrarium! I've always dreamed of owning a cactus, but with a cat it would be near to impossible to keep both of them safe. This would finally allow me to add one of those prickly guys I fell in love with to my collection!

  19. I just came over from Igor's site and thought that Johnnson is the nicest one of them, but now as I see you having a Chowpak, it makes me reconsider…because it really looks lovely! So Chowpak it is. :)

  20. My grandmother used to have a terrarium – it was certainly exciting to look at but mostly it just looked like something from the zoo.
    However, I feel very confident that the chowpak will look very decorative in my windowsill – and definitely make a healthier environment for my plants, which are currently struggling to cope with the cold from my leaking windows.

  21. I'm no good with any sort of organism requiring my help for survival, thus a terrarium with a cactus would be great to bring some green into my apartment, with optimal chances of survival! They all look lovely, but my personal preference goes out to the BarunBaru model.

  22. I'm absolutely in love with the Johnnson model! Would be an amazing home for one of succulents from my collection. <3
    Thanks for great blogs!

  23. I'm absolutely in love with the Johnnson model! Would be an amazing home for one of succulents from my collection. <3
    Thanks for great blogs!

  24. These are just too pretty. I like them all so choosing the one I would like to win is really difficult but I think I'll go with the Johannson.

  25. Juudith, this is so awesome! I love the whole idea of this concept! And as already posted on Igors Blog, this is exactly what I was looking for, when I wrote the “One Plant Three Styles” article! Unfortunately the one I used in the article isn't made for plants, so the water comes out whenever you water your plants, even if you're sparsely ;) So well, I really need to take the chance to take part in the raffle for winning the “BarunBaru” model *fingercrossed
    You are really doing a great job with the whole UBJ Theme! This was, by far, the best idea I've ever came across! <3

  26. I absolutely love the vibes of the McLansey! I love how it captures space so well. Plus, I already own some cacti that have been wanting homes.

  27. My boyfriend thinks our home is too girly, but the chowpak would make it super sweet AND raw & edgy! The perfect combination!

  28. Wow! I have some copper picture frames in the same stye at home, the Chewpak would match perfectly with them! And it would help to finally succeed in my 3-years-in-a-row new years resolution to add more plants to my interior.

  29. Wow! So pretty! Hard to decide but if I have to choose I'd pick BarunBaru. That would be awesome to fill it with one of my little succulents but I also like your idea of putting something else in, just for fun!

  30. ooh hey Judith, what awesome Giveaway! <3

    i have to try my luck!
    my favorite cute little greenhouse is “BarunBaru”

    I'll keep my fingers crossed <3


  31. Oh! What a great give-away! These are on my wishlist for such a long time. I have grown some cacti from seeds that are waiting to be put in the spotlights. My favorite is the Chowpak and the McLansey.

  32. Gave winactie! Ik vind de Chowpak denk ik toch het mooist. Maar de McLansey is ook een pareltje…of eigenlijk allemaal!
    Hmm ik ga toch voor de McLansey :) mocht ik winnen dan natuurlijk.

  33. I would love to start a little Urban Jungles family!!! Great give away. #johnnson would be a great partner for my #Chowpack

  34. Great giveaway!! My favorite is the Johnnson, it would look great on our table 😃 Fingers crossed!!

    Greetzzz Els

  35. Hi There! I would love to win the 'mclansey'! (or the Johnnson or the Garivati.. I can't choose..!) The objects are so beautiful made, I've seen them in real life during the Artline in Haarlem in the studio of Anouk. I love putting different objects under glass so that it becomes a piece of art. Love to hear, greats Rosalie Noordam

  36. Hello there!

    I came across cute little 'Chowpack' some time ago, fell in love, and been saving some money to buy one ever since. unfortunately other extensies made it impossible for me to buy one yet, so this give away is kind of a heaven send for me :-) any other Urban Jungle terrariums will do too!

  37. I would love to win the Johannson model. I've been looking for the perfect terrarium for months, and this one would go so well with my office decor. The angles are beautiful!

  38. I'd love to win one of those! I am so bad with watering plants, they all die within no time. I think this is the best solution for me, and it would look super stylish in my living room! I think the Mc lansey is my favorite.

  39. Hi,

    I hope it's not too late to enter that wonderful giveaway.
    I'm in love with BarunBuru. Fingers crossed!

    I also went on the Happy Interior Blog, and follow you on twitter (@15thofmarch).

    Happy day, Jessica.

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