So Far, So Goude

Before settling in France in 2002, I never heard of Jean Paul Goude. However I was familiar with his work. It is pretty impossible to take a Parisian metro without meeting up with Goude en route. Or to think of Grace Jones without remembering his graphic & avant-garde imagery of this goddess of disco. And you probably also remember the famous Chanel tvc (1991), starring Vanessa Paradis in a birdcage. Imagined by Jean Paul Goude.

Anyway Jean Paul Goude made an impression, in every sense, on our (and my) imagination. My interest in his work and life grew slowly after watching several documentaries and reading interviews about him and his work. Mr Goude is a very intelligent man with a great sense of humor and an exquisite eye and an even greater esthetic vision that I really relate to. That is why I absolutely want to & will visit his current exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris: Goudemalion. Jean-Paul Goude une rétrospective / 11 November 2011 – 18 March 2012

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