Sucker for Succulents

Since the few agaves I dug out in the South of France survived the trip home and started to grow super fast, I'm very much into any type of succulent. I just love their blueish and white shades of green and the graphic shapes. Besides the agaves, I also started to grow lots of cacti, palm trees, different types of succulents and recently also some vegetables and strawberries.

Succulents grow easily on any undeep surface, but the most difficult thing about growing succulents is to find nice planters. Ever since reading the latest issue of At Your Leisure by J3 Productions, I'm obsessed with faceted planters. These Elements by Planterworx are really cool, however a bit more suited for the outdoor. These sculptural wood planters by Haunt Studio were made from reclaimed wood, which is just a bit more responsible. One of the locations where the guys at J3 shot the men's fashion story for At your Leisure, was at the Moorten Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs, home to the "World's First Cactarium"! Take your time like a turtle… and you will see more. So true!

The home of Maurizio Zucchi inspired me to introduce some agaves and cacti and succulents into my house. Until now they enjoyed the sun in a dedicated area with lots of glass.
This time lapse mood video by Andria Norvelis for Est Magazine (a cool new Australian e-mag) mixes my love for succulents with my passion for typography. What's not to like?

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