Urban Jungle Bloggers #7

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

Spring is officially here! And to celebrate it is in style, we Urban Jungle Bloggers style our green plants for Spring or Easter today.
For Igor and I, the most important thing about our green adventure, is to have fun. No pressure, not too many rules, we simply share our passion for greens with fellow bloggers and our readers. So in stead of a sophisticated spring look, I had tons of fun creating a nest and filling eggs with my smallest succulents, a tiny agave and a mini cactus.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

I used my wooden handmade bowl because it has a perfect nest-shape. Then picked a few daffodils, Indian cress and daisies from our garden and ate quite a few eggs too 😉 Which makes for a good day in my book: I love eggs.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

By the way, growing seedlings in eggshells is also pretty eco-friendly and a cheap alternative when you want to growing some herbs in your window sill. Something I learned via our UJB Pinterest board 😉

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

The tiny agave below is almost two years old. I grew it from seeds and it's taking forever to become big & healthy but well… I think urban gardening is also about patience, right?

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers succulents in eggshells for easter

I hope you liked my little egg-styling. Now I can't wait to check out all the other Urban Jungle Bloggers contributions! You can follow along via this month's Facebook album and Pinterest board where we will link all blogposts, or on the bottom of this post.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers mini cactus in eggshell for easter

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45 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #7

  1. Oh I love your green and yellow Easter nest, Judith! So creative! It must have been quite tricky to plant those little green fellows in the delicate eggshells, no?

    1. Thanks Emelie! Funny that you mention the color of the eggs. Actually I wanted to use white eggs, but they weren't available ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. oh i love these colours <3 such a beautiful nest :)
    i join you again and had so much fun styling my newest score <3


    1. Hahaha you're right, it's better without the cactus plants, but you can easily grow garden cress in eggs. Oh and a tip: use raw eggs. Simple cut the top with a sharp knife and that's it. You can make a nice omelet with the egg whites and yolks ;) Enjoy!

  3. How great this is! And how funny that we had a very similar idea: sukkubabies in eggs- sukkubabies in eggcups :-))
    I love it very much
    Have a great sunny day

      1. Thanks Barbara! I love your little green family, they look so happy together! It would also be cute to mix our ideas and put a baby succulent in an egg in an eggcup :D Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing what you'll create, Jill! No hurry, you can post whenever you're ready ;) Your plant-eggs were probably gorgeous, because if I remember correctly some of your chickens lay blue eggs. So pretty! xx

    1. Thanks Yvonne! The smaller the cuter, right? Somehow I always prefer bigger plants, they're more impressive, but the smallest ones are so fragile and precious. And so much cuter ;)

  4. a great idea! the name of my plant comes because of the leaves. on the big leaves there are growing new small plants, i think thats the reason for the name :)

  5. Yeeaaayyy!! Teeny tiny plants! This looks so, so much fun!! You must have the patience of an angel, I would have smashed all those egg shells into teeny tiny pieces!! It's beautiful, Judith!
    I'm sorry I couldn't contribute today! But I have lots of baking planned for this weekend, and I think playing with my plants is the best thing to do while I wait for the oven to go 'ding'! Happy Spring 1st! xx

    1. Thanks Lauren! Oehhh can't wait to see what you'll whip up during your baking-breaks! Actually the “egg-plants” were much easier than I expected. Simply chop off the top of raw egg with a knife and fill it. I tried with a cooked egg too, but that wasn't very successful ;) Enjoy your baking weekend! xx

  6. I see we had the same idea for using egg shells! Great minds :). I love the yellow you've used, I think ours perhaps could have done with a little more colour! So happy to have joined you all this month!

    1. Thanks Hollie! We're very happy that you're part of our green family :) Your egg styling looked great too! And loved the little bird, so precious. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Gudy! That's so sweet :) It was so much fun to play with the eggs, I had a great time. Enjoy your weekend Gudy! And cheers on all the good news for you this week! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Lena! It was so much fun to prepare this post (and eat the eggs too…). I think all the yellow here at home rubs off on me ;) Hope to see you in a few weeks #fingerscrossed

  7. Your ideas is sooooo spring! Great job Judith! I used the egg shells last year and “planted” some flowers. Eggs shels are so cute as plant pots. Maybe also with some color?

    1. Absolutely! Natural dyed eggs filled with some flowers would look great on a easter table too. Thanks for the suggestion, Ana! I should give it a try in a few weeks :)

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