After a festive weekend, my husband and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary today! We were married in the South of France in the year 2000… seems so long ago, right? I was very young, 19, but very much in love and happy… and I still am, although a bit older and no longer have red hair. My husband is still the loveliest, sweetest and most caring. He had only a few grey hairs back then, today I can almost call him a silver fox 😉
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Our wedding was not very traditional (as you can read here). However I did wear a white dress. And a skirt and a top, in satin and linen. Very different from what I’d choose if I were to marry today.
And ever since, I dress in white on the 15th of July, as a little tradition. Sometimes I wear a piece from my wedding outfit which means I still get some wear out of it. My dress is not in perfect shape anymore as you can see in the pictures, but who cares?

If you are married, do you ever wear your wedding dress? Does it still fit? And in case you’re not married: do you dream of THE dress?

26 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. Congrats my dear! 13 is a great number by the way – it is my lucky number! I am wishing you a fab anniversary and many many more happy years to come!

  2. Gefeliciteerd !!
    I dream of the dress but not necessary the whole wedding thing. Although another long beachy vacation definitely crosses my mind often;)
    Love your blogs!

    1. Merci Gitte! It's the perfect excuse for a nice beachy honeymoon ;) you could also bring the dress and elope… although it's nice to have a few close friends & relatives there. Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Hope you are well!

  3. I have not had the courage to try on my wedding dress since the day I got married (plus, it's boxed away in an attic in Canada). I'm pretty sure it would be *slightly* tighter now (after 3 kids!). I think I'll give it a try when we're in Canada this summer- wish me luck! Jx

  4. You were definitely very young when you got married … I wasn't even thinking of a “real life” at that age ;-) I got married on a January 13 so I am not among those who think it brings bad luck ;-) I like your wearing a white dress or something on the day you got married as a souvenir. Once again congratulations and enjoy your anniversary xxx

    1. Hahaha I remember saying that marriage was “not my thing” just weeks before meeting my husband ;) And it turns out that I love it! Thanks for the nice wishes: with you and Igor telling me that 13 brings luck, it must become an amazing year! Good luck with the big move! xx

  5. Judith such a nice tradition to dress in white that day every year, I wish I had this idea myself ;-) my wedding dress is still boxed away and I'd like to look at it again but then forget to do it. The city council cerimony dress I did wear in other occasion sometimes in the past. They both would be a bit small now but still love to keep them.
    Happy anniversary

    1. Merci Stefania! It's nice that at least you got to wear the council dress a few times! Do you guys have any other anniversary tradition? Like dinner at a special place? Or small gifts or anything?

  6. Dress looks lovely!
    You're STILL young!!
    I can still wear my dress but I don't, it's too 'wedding'. And way out of fashion (20 yrs).
    I wish you at least 4 x 13 more happy years together!

    1. Hahaha you're right, Nannette, I'm still young :) And thank you for the nice wishes! Unfortunately even timeless dresses go out of fashion after a while. But it's nice to know that it still fits ;) xx

  7. Oh, happy 13th.. as I'm born on the 13th, it's a lucky number:-)

    Talking about being born, I'm meant to renew my passport tomorrow and cannot find my Birth Certificate… awful!!!

    So you married at sweet 19?? How cute is that? I love it that you have all these rituals and wear white every 15th July… special!!

    Do I dream of the THE dress? I cannot think of anything worst, sorry!! x

    1. Merci Tina! Now that you mention… my husband was born on the 13th too! So this must be a good year! Hope you found your birth certificate? Cause no passport = no traveling :'(

  8. Congrats, dear Judith!

    What a wonderful idea and lovely way to celebrate! I really love it! I sent your post to a friend who got married last weekend.

    ♥ Inga

  9. Congratulations Judith. I met my husband when I was 19 too. We got married after about 6 years, once I graduated from medical school. My dress was very simple, silk but looking back I wished it was not so puffy! Perhaps it was the fashion then. I was determined not to look like a meringue but now i'm not quite sure I wasn't one ;) xx

    1. Hahahaha but I think that's a good thing: our tastes did evolve, right? I'd never choose the same dress today as I'm not very fond of satin and linen ;) Did you ever share any pictures on your blog/IG? Very curious how you meringue you looked :)

  10. Oh, happy anniversary; Judith, I have to say I have never heard anything similar but I do love your tradition. such a nice idea to honor your special day! Wishing you two many more happy years to come!

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