Twelve and a half

No exchange of gifts or "something special" planned for today, but nevertheless we're celebrating our 12 1/2th marriage anniversary! In most countries that's no big deal, but in Holland & Denmark it is. For us it's simply a good excuse for an extra kiss ;o)
One of the pretty gifts my husband gave me in all these years, is this ring. He found it on the beach and it fits me perfectly. There's even a mini shell inside, stuck forever!

Times change, this is one of the only pictures of the two of us… nearly 15 years ago:

Curious what our wedding looked like 12 1/2 years ago? Last year I posted some pictures here.

11 thoughts on “Twelve and a half

  1. Oh, huge congratulations.. I think there's always a reason to celebrate something we feel is special to us, despite what society might dictate.

    And an extra kiss is always worth it. Love the ring:-)

  2. Oh oh, nog gefeliciteerd! Ik lees tegenwoordig maar 1 of 2x per week blogs (op een moment dat ik er ECHT eens even lekker voor kan gaan zitten), je staat wel op mijn lijstje maar soms reageer ik ff lekker laat… maar niet minder gemeend :)

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