Urban Jungle Bloggers #14

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

The days are so short this week that I almost considered taking these pictures in the middle of the night. It could have been a nice experiment, but well… I need my sleep 😉 In a cosy and green bedroom of course! After Igor and I decided upon this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers topic, I realized we don't have plants in our bedroom. It's too dark for plants because of the blackout blinds and I like our bedroom white and simple.

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

So in stead of our bedroom, I added some plants to the guestroom. I'm rarely in this room, only to change the bed sheets when friends or family are here, but it's actually quite a nice place to keep some plants during the winter. Last week I moved all my plants from the greenhouse to their winter storage and some to the apartment. The top of our library is one big jungle now. I didn't find a place for my sad fig trees and I hope the guestroom will make them happy again. Maybe it's the size of the pot, maybe I don't water them enough (because I'm so afraid to overwater them, like my now-dead olive tree). If you have any tips, please let me know! Look how sad:

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

And I also want to show off my "new" Philodendron bipinnatifidum plant. It's one of the very very few plants that survived the severe winters in the greenhouse. The other day I read that they are fairly easy to propagate, so I pulled it from the ground and planted it. I like how their leaves have this instant jungle fever. We'll see if he likes it here…

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

JOELIX.com | Cosy and green bedroom

Do you keep any plants in your bedroom? Some plants are excellent air purifiers, which is extra beneficial in your bedroom, so it's worth to play around with them and make your bedroom extra cosy and green!

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24 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #14

  1. Well this looks amazing & it looks like you had extremly good light there to shoot:-) Very cosy & inviting!!! I only wish I could stay in bed all day as it is another foggy and gloomy November day here.

    1. Thanks Igor and thanks Photoshop ;) It's been foggy and dark here too, and the days will become even shorter & darker in the next weeks. Well anyway, we'll just stay in bed with our plants all month. Cheers on another joyful UJB edition, Igor!

  2. Would you believe I just got a fig tree? It's your influence! :D I'm a bit nervous about it now that there's so little sunshine and we'll be going away for a few weeks. I hope it won't be sad! And I hope your fig tree perks up too!

    1. Ohhh well done, Deepa! You're on a green roll, with a giant rubbert plant and now a fig tree! According to Lisa (in the comments) it's normal that fig trees loose their leaves at this time of the year (it's kinda obvious, right?!), so I'm a little less worried. I'm sure yours will be fine without a few weeks of sunshine and love. Have a safe journey back home! xx

  3. Hoi Judith, het is normaal dat je vijgen er wat triest uitzien, het is namelijk herfst. Ik vind het al straf dat de jouwe nog bladeren hebben, die van mij zijn al helemaal kaal. In de lente mogen ze terug naar buiten en dan krijgen ze weer splinternieuwe mooie blaadjes. Ook maar heel af en toe water geven in de winter. Dus: geen paniek, het is gewoon de gang van de natuur ;)

    1. Maar natuurlijk! Dankjewel dat je me daaraan helpt herinneren. Zo logisch natuurlijk, Lisa! Een paar grote vijgenbomen hier in de buurt zagen er stukken stralender uit met blad en al. Maar ik heb weer hoop en geniet nog even van de bladeren, voor zolang het duurt ;)

    1. Thank you Anette! I decided to keep some in the guestroom, I'm happy with the way it looks :) And yes, the light was tough this month, but I think you and everyone's else UJB contribution looked surprisingly good. I'm amazed! Thank you for your kind words!

    1. Thank you Elisabeth! It's a regular plant pot in matte charcoal black, which looks a bit like blackboard, so I tried to write on it and it worked :)

    1. Thank you Yvonne! As Lisa (above in the comments) suggested, it's normal that figs loose their leaves in the fall (obviously), so I think they will be all right. I hope so, because I really love their look and smell. And I love to eat fresh figs… but I need a bit more patience for that ;)

  4. Ahh, this is a great bedroom! Love the crisp contrast with the white and green. The letters are very cool. And the chalkboard-painted planter is brilliant!

  5. What a gorgeous guest bedroom, so welcoming and friendly.
    Hmmm, not sure why you and Igor complained about the darkness. Both of your pics look rather good to me.

    LOVE the 'at' letters and the plant saying 'bonne nuit' is such a cute idea!

    Hope you're well.

    1. Hahaha I didn't show any pre-Photoshop pics ;) and I only used the pictures I shot in the first minutes, the ones at the end have this blueish evening light… Well anyway, happy you like the result with all the letters: we're graphic designers after all, right ;) I'm well, but this fall has been rather crazy. Hope to slow down soon and create a nice post with Mapology guides! bises!

    1. Thank you Julia! It's actually a regular plant pot in matte black. It reminded me of blackboard so I tried to write on it with chalk and it worked :) Happy you like it!

  6. What a gorgeous room to be a guest in Judith! Can I visit please? I didn't realise that only some of the plants were air purifiers, I thought they all were. Good luck with the figs. M xx

    1. You're always welcome Mel! I believe most plants are air purifiers, but some have stronger toxic elimination skills. In the mean time the figs lost all their leaves, but I think they'll be growing fresh new ones in the spring… at least I hope so! xx

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