Vale – Venga – Adios! | Spanish palm trees

Finally after some very long and intense months (ehmmm it's been 2 years since our last big break!) we arrived in Spain. This past week we stayed in the Pyrenees, or even better in Spanish: los Pirineos. And that's immediately my biggest frustration of the week: I don't speak Spanish. I read and understand it globally as it's so similar to French, but I was unable to ask specific questions about the almonds they were harvesting or the ceramic workshops that I wanted to visit (and didn't find). Of course, with French and English, a few Spanish words (mixed up with Italian… oops!) and lots of gestures you get a long way, but still, it's a little bit frustrating for a curious person like me 😉

Anyway, I'm happy to spend my days with my husband, discovering something new every day, reading books, exploring the mountains, sleeping, hiking, and gathering some nice green souvenirs. I picked some fresh palm tree seeds in the palmeraie in the botanical garden in Zaragoza and cut a few cactus plants as well. We've just arrived in Valencia, so I think I "may" bring some more souvenirs. If you'd like to see what I'm up to, check my Instagram, as my blog will be quiet for the rest of October. Here's a big dose of sunshine and palm trees from Zaragoza for you to enjoy, maybe it helps to keep warm as I've heard it's freezing in most parts of Northern Europe… oh and if you have any tips on learning a few words of Spanish? | Palmeraie in Zaragoza Spain | Palmeraie in Zaragoza Spain

Almost just as good as the real deal: palm tree shadows: | Palmeraie in Zaragoza Spain

Oh yeah, I know what to do with these: | Palmeraie in Zaragoza Spain

4 thoughts on “Vale – Venga – Adios!

    1. Thanks Anya, it was LOVELY, we had a great time, people were so friendly and the sunshine was really nice. It's good to be back and ready for these last hygge months of the year. xx

  1. Lucky you! We wish we were on holiday right now

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