Bold Blackberry Popsicle

As I told you on monday, I was planning on turning the freshly picked blackberries into some delicious ice pops. And that's what I did. I kept aside a few blackberries for decoration & blended the others.

Blended blackberries have this amazing color:

I couldn't help myself & added something to the mixture: a hint of Eristoff Black ( wild berry vodka ), because it's so well color & taste-coordinated. And some orange juice for sweetness. Then poured it into the ice popsicle molds. A few hours later I had 4 yummy blackberry popsicles. I added a berry on top just for the fun of it. So easy & refreshing!

8 thoughts on “Bold Blackberry Popsicle

  1. Can you believe I've never eaten a blackberry? It seems totally wrong now that I see these gorgeous pictures. That first photo with the cute illustrations is just perfect!

    1. Thanks Deepa! Wow, never eaten a blackberry? You should pick a few somewhere in Holland, they are everywhere. Only pick the black ones that pull free from the plant with a slight tug. And beware of the thorns ;o)

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