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Recently I decided to start to run: I bought the most flashy running shoes (aqua + neon green anyone?), a simple outfit and the perfect sports bra. Today I went for my 6th run and I'm really enjoying it! Running every other day also means that I get to explore my vicinity extensively. I challenged myself to take at least one picture during each run that I'll post on Instagram. It motivates and helps me to see the beauty in my neighborhood.

This tiled wall was one of these things that I spotted while running. I came back with my camera and snapped a few pictures. Can you believe that I had never seen it before?

For any of you runners: is it really so addictive to run? I never thought it would be, but after a run I'm already looking forward to the next one. On twitter Johannes suggested that it's only in the first weeks… is it?

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    1. Those pink tiles are great, aren't they… Yes I'm really enjoying it so far. Some people cheer me on along the way, quite hilarious ;)

  1. I just started to run again a couple of months ago. I always lose the habit in winter but keep going for at least one long walk instead during that time. it is additive. and I don't think it goes away after a week. but probably just for certain people. you might have to be born with the runner's mindset :) I think it suits people who like to be with themselves, if that makes any sense…

    1. Me and I get along pretty well, so maybe you're right :) I hope the addictive feeling stays, because I don't know how I could motivate myself just like that. Where do you prefer to run? Countryside or city?

      1. well, at the moment I live dead bang in the centre of London, so there isn't much choice. my favourite run is along the Thames between Vauxhall and Westminster Bridge. in the late evening when it's dark. running past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament is pretty cool. I think I would prefer the countryside. if just because it's easier on my knees and back :)

        1. An evening run sounds nice, but for now I don't have the energy to run after 11PM when it's dark ;) We'll see how it goes in the winter hehe. Walking on soil feels completely different than concrete… and it's probably better for your body too, as you suggest. I saw that you'd even need different shoes for that. For now I'll just keep running in my hood.

  2. The tiles are great! I've tried running, but neither did I get addicted to it nor did I ever look forward to the next one. Maybe you're lucky and you're the running type. I wish I was!

    1. I would be the first to be surprised hahaha, but so far I'm really enjoying it. Plus I get to discover tiles like these, which makes it worth it ;)

  3. I've been a runner for 10+ years, and believe me, the runner's high is still very addictive! Running is a very intimate way to get to know the place where you are living, and is one of my favorite activities when I'm travelling too. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    1. Merci Mandi! I agree, running is a very nice way to get to know your neighborhood. I hope the runner's high is here to stay, it feels good ;)

  4. I loved running (back problem now) so I powerwalk – so much easier for taking photos though – the camera was always a bit of an obstacle running :) Love the pics – and good for you that you're out and about. Have a great day sweetie,

    1. Hahaha, that's the most difficult thing while running: taking pictures. For now I'm on a schedule of walking & running, so I try to take pictures when I'm walking… I'm building it up slowly to avoid injuries. Is power walking the kind of Nordic walking without the poles? Enjoy your weekend, Anya!

    1. Oh that's great Elise! Did you start just like that? Or with a schedule or something? I'm walking with podcasts which works really well so far. Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

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