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Hello, goodmorning! This week has been so weird: I wish I would have plogged it to understand why it has been so weird. Yes that's the "new" phenomenon: to photo blog your entire day. Dutch blog icon 10e introduced the term "plog". I think it's pretty cool (and time consuming) to see what someone does the entire day. And also much less aesthetic than instagram, but even more personal. I'm definitely not ready to share that much. If I would have plogged, I could have shown you:

5 blue IKEA bags with my pre-Pinterest images archive that I threw away
the homemade sushi and springrolls that my husband made… oh well actually I did share the leftovers!
my computer screen, because I've been working again after the New Year's break 😉
my obsessed smile when I pinned even more pom pom beanies to my board
sadness when I heard that my uncle passed away
the inside of too many fitting rooms (I'm trying to find a pair of black skinnies, but none seem to fit my "new" running body…)
madness in the harbour in the middle of the night
the last strip of antihistamines that I took. After 12 years of sneezing I'm seeing an allergologist next week. Yeah!

But in stead I'm showing you pictures of an anemone that I took the other day. I was asked to style some flowers at home for a new campaign, but with these short and busy winter days, it's a little tricky. So I'm shooting new photos today.
Are you having a nice first week of the year? Ready to #plog about it? | White anemone and what about plogging #plog

14 thoughts on “Plog it!

  1. No way!! I can't even imagine someone's life being so interesting that needs to be documented for 24 hours!! I already think I share too much ;)
    So far so good this year, pretty strange actually!

    1. Pretty strange?! Makes me curious! I hope it's good strange ;) Actually the people who plog do really have normal lives and not all 24h are interesting: you also see all the boring stuff… well, I still prefer to decide what I share and when ;)

  2. Oh that's too much for my taste, as well. It might be a nice experiment to do it just for myself – but definitely not something I'd want to show to the world. Your week really sounds like a week with lots of big and small, good and bad ups and downs.

    1. Yes, it has been a weird week, highs and lows. Well, that's life ;) I agree with you: maybe a nice personal experiment, but not for me either. I prefer to decide what I share and when!

  3. Oh boy, sharing a whole day would be too much. I think we are already spending too much time with the internet world. Tweeting our feelings, instargarming the food, facebooking the vacation… We already share so many private things. Also it can make us so focused on sharing that we cannot really enjoy the moments itself. No, no #plog for me. I really like seeing a nice flower ;)

    1. Exactly, Ana! Me too, I love doing things without feeling the need to document it in any way. And to decide for myself the things that are interesting enough to share on any of the channels. Even though I enjoy the peek into someone's personal life (but oh boy, some people live a very boring life… but who am I to judge), it's not for me either. Go flowers ;)

  4. Hello Judith….I love this post mainly because you share what is important to You. I am sorry to hear about the passing of your Uncle. Your photographs are as always, so beautiful. Reading through the comments from others I am reminded more and more how different we all are, it is wonderful to see everyone appreciate the concept of “plogging” in their own unique way. Sending you a hug from sunny AZ! Much love, Jocelyn

    1. Awww thank you so much for your kind words, Jocelyn! I agree with you, it's so nice to read everyone's different opinion about plogging, yet most of “us” feel like they already share a lot. Sending you hugs from rainy France! bisous!

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