Throwback Thursday

Ever since I started instagramming in June, Thursdays are my favorites. I get to open my photoalbums and choose a picture that "throws me back in time". I feel very lucky that my dad took so many black & white pictures of me and my sister: there are enough #throwbackthursday pictures for many years to come.
And almost better than the photos is their smell. Developed by my dad in his own darkroom they have this particular smell of chemicals and thick photopaper combined with the scent of photo album paper and glue.
In the pre-digital camera era, while attending art school, I loved using one of his analog Minolta cameras that he probably used to shoot some of the pictures above. Every since I put it away in a safe place, if only I could remember where…

Check my instagram for a fresh "new" #throwbackthursday photo today! I'm very curious about your childhood pictures. Do you have any?

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I love old pictures but I have not so many. One I just published few days ago, maybe you saw it already. It not
    Love your thurdays, keep going I enjoy it a lot

    1. Yes, I saw it with your cute silk scarf, so classy :) Such a precious picture, especially if you don't have too many. Thank you for sharing it, Stefania!

  2. How wonderful you can stay connected to all your memories from childhood and go back in time. These images are not only beautiful but they are like poetry. You and your sister were quite the pair of cuties! Thank you for sharing these with us, Judith. Wishing you a sweet day from Germany. Jocelyn xx

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! It's true that there's a resemblance with poetry in the photos. It's a bit cliché but you can see the love in these photos, don't you think? Have a lovely end of the week! xx

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