Urban Jungle Bloggers #2

After a very warm welcome to our new blogseries last month, today we are sharing more urban jungle love. Together with my jungle buddies Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Jocelyn (The Little Room of Style) we decided upon a common theme for this month: urban jungles in our neighborhood. And as my current home is in the South of France (I'm on holiday here) I wanted to show you a Mediterranean jungle.

As you may or may not know Marseille is the European Capital of Culture in 2013. Since the last time I visited Marseille a few years ago, the city went through an interesting transformation to show off some of its assets and make it a more interesting place to visit. One of the larger changes, was the restoration of Fort Saint-Jean, a military complex from the 17th century. While the inside now houses a variety of exhibitions, the outdoor areas were landscaped by Agence APS into a garden promenade.

The Garden of Migration, as it's called, is a unique Mediterranean botanical footpath with amazing views over Marseille, the Vieux Port (the old harbor) and the sea. The 15 different mini gardens feature a mix of plants from across the Mediterranean to portray the diversity of culture, people and plants. Imagine orange trees, lots of scented herbs, fresh salads, myrtles, olive trees, sempervivum and more… of course it will take a while to become as green and "full" as the gardens were imagined by the landscapers, but it's very promising.

What I loved most: lots of locals were hanging out at Fort Saint-Jean, enjoying the view of their own city from the comfy lounge chairs and benches. Which shows that these gardens are not only for tourists, but for everyone!

After a sunny afternoon at the Mucem, I spotted this other urban jungle in the Le Panier area of Marseille:

JOELIX.com - Marseille Bazar du Panier

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23 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #2

  1. Judith, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the modern feel yet organic texture within the garden. Your photos are stunning as usual and I felt like I was right there with you. I especially adore the shutters with the pots hanging from them, this to me is typical French. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your neighborhood urban garden…it was a wonderful walk with you :) xx

    1. Thanks for coming on the tour with me Jocelyn :) I forgot to mention that there was a nice sea breeze and that the exhibitions were rather eclectic (handpuppets, circus dioramas, new age photography, blue and black in art, and the difference between genders). A very enjoyable visit!

  2. Such sweet pomegranates (or they will be)! And that facade really proves the point that you don't even need a balcony to keep beautiful plants! But maybe good weather is a plus?
    I'm getting my vitamin D through your instagram so keep showing blue skies!

    1. So true, you just need some shutters and I think some good weather too. We're lucky to be spoiled with lots of sun and blue skies here, so I'll keep sharing ;)

  3. I love this place! It is so peaceful and quiet, between the sea and the city … it helps understanding the whole beauty of this amazing town! Enjoy your holidays xx

    1. Thanks Ilaria! I agree, it truly helps to see Marseille from a different point of view. Did you visit the Fort Saint-Jean yet? If not, you should, of course ;)

  4. Love love love – haven't been to Marseille since i was a kid – still looks awesome (and warm might I add) Enjoy your vacation – now I'm off to explore more urban jungles with your fellow bloggy friends X

    1. Merci Anya! Marseille changed quite a lot since it was nominated Capital of Culture, but it's still nice and sunny, even in October ;) And yes, please check out all the other urban jungles! xx

  5. Hoi Judith
    Sorry dat ik niet meegedaan heb met Urban Jungle! Ik had t heel graag willen doen, maar door alles rondom mijn vader is het erbij ingeschoten en ben ik het vergeten.. Sorry! Prachtige foto's hoor trouwens!

    1. Oh wat vervelend zeg, hopelijk gaat het met je vader gauw wat beter. Als je zin hebt om later deze maand mee te doen mag dat ook hoor. Of volgende maand, wat je wilt ;) Veel sterkte en dankjewel voor je enthousiasme!

      1. Bedankt :) Gaat nu goed met mijn vader gelukkig! Gisteren kreeg hij te horen dat alles weggehaald is. Over een half jaar hoeft hij pas terug te komen. Ik doe nog graag mee deze maand!

    1. Dankje Milou! Ja he, zelfs in October is het hier stralend zonnig (en warm!). Wel iets ander licht dan middenin de zomer, maar niet minder mooi ;)

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